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1911 Leather IWB Holster 1911 theCanted IWB Holster

Inside the WaistBand Holster.

Our Price: $45.00

Glock 43 theOutsider Holster Glock 43 theOutsider Holster

theOutsider Holsters By Kusiak !

Our Price: $55.00

Glock 43 outside of the waistband Leather Holster. Glock 43 OWB Holster

Custom Made Holster.

Our Price: $120.00

Bodyguard 380 OWB Holster with Extra Mag pouch and Thumb Snap Bodyguard 380 ExtraMag Thumbsnap OWB Holster

Outside of the waistband.

Our Price: $110.00


What we make ...

  The BearBones, a simple low riding leather IWB holster for conceal carry. It is treated inside and out with an acrylic sealant to keep it from absorbing sweat and also helps it to maintain structural integrity.  If your priority is carrying the thinnest possible holster, look no further. Although this holster is very thin it is sturdy enough to re holster one handed in most situations. (We recommend always using 2 hands to reholster a loaded weapon into a holster that is inside your clothing)  The Bearbonest holster is made of the highest quality American cow hide from Hermann Oak Tannery. The powder coated spring steel clip is so strong it grabs onto your belt ensuring that the holster won't snap out when trying to draw your pistol. The sweat guard keeps the gun from the body and the body from the gun. Our unique way of covering the trigger guard is one of the details that separates Kusiak Holsters from the competition. This is a low priced High Quality Hand crafted leather holster. The simplicity of our process keeps the cost down, making Kusiak IWB holsters the best value online or anywhere.All Kusiak holsters are made specifically for each model pistol. If you are buying for any other pistol than the one you choose we cannot guarantee a perfect fit. Available Cants: Straight drop or Forward cant.


theStandard (Reinforced)With theStandard you get everything you get with the Bearbones holster, and for added strength we painstakingly tailored and laminated a  second layer of leather reinforcement around the top section for a more confident re holster. theStandard holster is available with several options to accommodate your preferences.  


Bearbones: Single Layer Leather (Available Cants: Straight Drop or Forward Cant).

theStandard: Reinforced - Straight drop Cant - A straight-drop holster has 0 degrees of cant and carries the gun vertically.

Tuck-able: carries just like the standard but allows you to slide a shirt between the metal clip and the holster.*Only recommended if you already tuck in your shirt on a regular basis.

Extra-Mag: Who wouldn't want to carry an extra 6-7-8 rounds. The extra mag we make attached to the holster is curved to take the shape of your body. Making the Extra-Mag option as unique, durable and comfortable as we could possibly make it.

Forward Cant Option: Choose the forward cant for increased conceal ability and accessibility. Better draw from the hip. The forward canted angle gets more of the pistol inside your pants while pointing the grip upward for easy access and reducing the overall horizontal footprint.The cant of a holster refers to how tilted forward from vertical the gun rides when carried in the holster.  An FBI-cant holster has a cant of between 10 and 20 degrees.  Some holsters are severely canted to 30-degrees or even more. While more cant aids conceal ability a bit, the main reason for it is to make the gun comfortable to carry and easy to draw from.The preference of cant and ride is individual. our Kusiak Holsters cant is from 10 - 15 degrees.