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Our Favorites

Bodyguard 380 OWB Holster with Extra Mag pouch and Thumb Snap Bodyguard 380 ExtraMag Thumbsnap OWB Holster

Outside of the waistband.

Our Price: $110.00

1911 Leather IWB Holster 1911 theCanted IWB Holster

Inside the WaistBand Holster.

Our Price: $45.00
Glock 42 theStandard Extra Mag IWB Holster Glock 42 theStandard ExtraMag IWB Holster

Inside the WaistBand Holster

Our Price: $60.00

Glock 43 theOutsider Holster Glock 43 theOutsider Holster

theOutsider Holsters By Kusiak !

Our Price: $55.00


What we make ...

First we came out with The BearBones holster, which inconspicuously provides the style we want that connects every other Kusiak holster. The BearBones is available in the straight drop and forward cant options.  

"theStandard" holster, different from the BearBones holster, We call the reinforced straight drop holster simply "theStandard" holster because we believe that this holster is setting the standard for what a holster should be. And  the Canted holster is theStandard holster with a forward cant a low riding inside the waistband for increased conceal-ability and accessibility. theStandard is available with the Extra-Mag and Tuck-Able options. 

Recently introduced, "theOutsider" is an inspired OWB holster that takes all of the enhancements from our original IWB holsters listed above.  Focusing on Strength - Durability -  Comfort and convenience.

And to Top that, we have Coming Soon the Brown and Black "Old Fashioned" Holsters. The experience of incorporating all the right pieces, unlocking the power of the Old Fashioned holster. This design like every other Kusiak holster is specifically tailored for each pistols. The holster that changed the way we carry forever continues to power ahead.